We are very excited to offer a revolutionary new lens style - Neurolens. In today's digital world, people are using their near vision more than ever. This increased near vision demand can cause painful symptoms such as headaches, eye strain, neck and shoulder pain, dizziness, dry eye, and light sensitivity. If there is misalignment in your vision, these symptoms can intensify. Neurolenses correct this misalignment to restore clear, comfortable vision.

Neurolens works by adding contoured prism to correct binocular vision dysfunction (BVD) - misalignment of the visual system. With Neurolens, you can improve the way you visually experience the world, through enhanced visual comfort and refined depth perception.

​​​​​​​93% of patients have responded positively to wearing Neurolenses. Discuss Neurolens with our eye care providers to see if Neurolens can reduce or eliminate your symptoms.